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Inspecting a quarry in Brazil.Our principals have been sourcing natural stone for nearly 30 years, providing marble and granite to clients throughout the US and Canada.

  • Chris Johnson, who is based in Manhattan, works with factories throughout the world, traveling to dozens of countries for business, in Europe, South America and Asia.
  • Steve Thoner maintains a full time presence in China maintaining factory relations, quality inspections and a Chinese registered trading company to handle all export documentation.
  • To learn more about our sourcing of natural stone, Click Here


Our group has also served as a consultant on a number of issues;
  1. Supplier Interface work with factory on production scheduling, sampling, quality control, scheduling, packing and delivery issues, etc
  2. Engineering interface shop drawings and stone tickets, installation and anchor issues, value engineering, etc
  3. Architect Interface range sample approval, plant & quarry visit, mock ups, installation and maintenance specs, etc
  4. Post Construction Resource Management - inventory current stone conditions and recommendations, accumulation of documents and master record keeping, ADA/slip & fall protocols, attic stock plan, RFP preparation for securing maintenance contracts, writing of cleaning & maintenance specs, monitoring of changing conditions over time, off site testing facilities if needed, etc.

To learn more about our list of consulting services in natural stone, click here.

Inspecting slabs for a clientIf you wish to know more, please contact us;

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