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List of Consulting Services

1. Stone Management

In cooperation with my old friend Paul Shand, we are providing consulting services for commercial projects, bringing to the table our combined 62 years of experience..

Some of the tasks include;

  • research, contact and secure qualified bidders for repair work
  • advising on the selection of a sealer and other chemicals
  • writing protocols for the application of sealers, repair of chips, cracks, spauling and stains, fabrication and replacement of irreparable pieces and honing/resurfacing in select areas
  • develope Slip & Fall Prevention strategies, including measure and maintain Coefficient of Friction (COF) to determine the potential for slippage, address the causes of slips in a preventative way and create and maintain an Incidence Response and Post Incident Reporting System.
  • preparation of an attic stock strategy along with assisting in the selection of material and development of a protocol to match replacement pieces to the originals.

Do you have a landmark project like this whose legacy you want to preserve?

2. Material Selection

piece inspectionStone may be great for any project, but not every stone is right for every applicaton. We can bring decades of experience to your project;
  • from recommending just the right materials, prior to specification, which insures a good match to their intended use,
  • to the inspection of cut-to-size work, at the factory prior to shipping, to assure quality at the job site. (Photos; left is Chris inspecting Costa Rose in China, on right, Paul & Chris at Lasa Marmo quarry in Italy)
Every great stone project begins with selecting the right material. And the thousands of steps in between require the right people to oversee them. Call on us early in the project when we can offer the most advantage.

3. Creating winning Business Plans

We recently finished a valuation of a quarry in Nova Scotia and its marble inventory in preparation of its sale, by assessing both quality and quantity of the material on the ground. In addition, assuming that the business would be more valuable with a better business strategy than the previous operators employed, we produced a Business Plan going forward to achieve measurably improved results for the next owner.

Over the years, we've written a number of marketing plans which led to the creation of several businesses, including the Marketing Portion of “NF&L Dimensional Stone Industry: Strategic Planning Document”, which ultimately contributed to the creation of Epoch Rock Inc.

How can we help you?

4. Field Market Surveys

On a number of occasions, we have assisted in the development of new materials by performing Field Market Surveys. Among other results, these assess the market potential and target pricing of possible candidate marbles or granites.

As an example, a Canadian mining company asked us to perform a Field Market Survey to help them determine a “go/no go” investment decision regarding a newly found granite in northern Quebec (see photo at left). Our survey of key players throughout the industry, and a review of similar materials already on the market, was followed by a suggested marketing and distribution strategy. In this particular case, the material was not unique enough, nor did it contain a trendy color pallet to earn a high sell price. The forecast revenue from our analysis therefore was not enough to justify their investment to exploit the reserve, so the mining company did not go forward with the project.

Gantt Chart5. Project Management

Our partners have started businesses, launched products, and managed a hundred other projects, all the while honing our skills at responding to complex changing business environments.

We just wrapped up an assignment as project manager on a construction project in Manhattan. We were hired mid-project because relations between key parties had broken down and the timeline was falling apart. In the end, we were able to get the parties talking and established procedures to restart the timeline and finish the job. Click here to see some of the components to Construction Project Management.

Adept at the latest techniques and interactive online tools, we can help you achieve your goals. Construction Project Management, involves applying systems techniques to complex processes and fostering communication so that all stakeholders can collaborate to achieve success while completing on time and on budget.

4. Other Consulting Services

For additional consulting services, please check out our sister firm - THE LINLEY COMPANY.

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