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White Marbles from Italy

Roman ForumSince the days of the Roman Forum, white marble from Italy has conveyed an air of timeless elegance. There are many different marbles from Italy, but the white marbles from the Carrara region in Tuscany are the most famous.

Below are some examples of the types of marble available (arranged from low cost to high cost as you move from left to right, top to bottom). For quotes on the materials shown below, or anything else, please contact us at cjohnson@fabricatorssecret.com

Bianco Carrara C/D

Bianco Carrara C

Venatino Gioia

Statuary Standard


Statuary Extra

Calacatta Standard

Calacatta Vagli Grey

Calacatta Vagli Gold

Calacatta Extra

Lasa Bianco Nuvolato

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