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Sourcing Natural Stone

marble & granite slabs.Chris inspecting slabsThe supply chain for natural stone must represent one of the most challenging in all of global sourcing . To bring these materials to market requires identifying good and dependable sources in many countries, maintaining positive factory relations, controlling product flow from quarry to block yard to factory, all while monitoring quality by thorough inspections along the way. Our principals have been all over the world, seeking out the best material for clients for many years, and while no one can perfect this process, we have come close.

Steve inspecting blocksSteve focuses primarily on China. Chris primarily deals with North American and Italian sources and manages our cut-to-size business from our office in New York City.

Our partners have done business globally for decades and have sourced product from overseas for many companies including our own. To help companies develop a strategic global strategy, we have served as consultants on various sourcing issues or worked directly to negotiate with factories on clients' behalf. Using trade partners and contacts developed over many years combined with our own extensive overseas travel, we can provide a number of services from advising on a global strategic sourcing plan to direct negotiation with suppliers.

our team in ChinaDo you need help with your sourcing? Let us help. Contact us for a free consultation. Let's discuss how you can maximize your supplier relationships and bring best practices to your procurement strategy. Contact us at cjohnson@fabricatorssecret.com

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