UNSAFE IN HUMAN HANDS by Christopher Linley Johnson
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Selected topics covered in the book;

  • Just how do guns get in the wrong hands? Those most at-risk of dying from firearm injury include our youth and persons emotionally prone to suicide.
  • Availability of guns where do they come from?
  • Statistics on gun violence in america
  • What is the nature of gangs and why people join them? More importantly, how do we reduce their impact?
  • The choices people make (Suicide as a choice)
  • Social and financial costs of violence - a better way to spend our money
  • What are the myths and biases that hinder our debate?
  • The Perception Gap regarding just what makes us safe
  • Legacy Guns and their impact
  • Changing demographics which are altering the political power base
  • The Second Amendment
  • Many other topics plus recommendations
100% of Author's proceeds will be donated to Cure Violence
Unsafe in Human Hands

A new book by Christopher Linley Johnson

The human stories behind gun ownership and violence in America.

"I came to the conclusion that your book should be required reading for anyone in whose hands rests the safety of the people in this nation. It does require thinking a little more about the health of our country, and a little less about political ambitions and tug-of-war to outdo the other guy, practiced by folks in both political parties. Your dissertation about legacy guns makes me wonder if anyone in a responsible position has considered that subject at all."

- Dean Harrington

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"This is the most objective view I have read on guns and gun ownership and what this currently-controversial subject means to, in particular, the youth of our country. This book does not insult those who are pro-gun ownership, nor does it leave those who are pro-gun control without food for thought. The chapters are short, the writing clear, and the arguments sane and respectful. It deserves to be widely read, and I hope that it will be. We've got a violence problem in our country, and it's up to all of us to address it if the violence is ever going to be diminished."

"Midwest Reader"
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"This is an excellent read! He is talking about violence in our culture and ways we can address and begin to heal it. His work is an excellent addition to our needed discussions."

- Beverly Fisher Bradley

"I am impressed as all get out by the depth of research."

- Harold Weiner

"My book hopes to improve the quality of our national debate by illuminating some myths and biases that impede our discussions. Most importantly, it provides some real solutions."

- Chris Johnson

photo Chris Johnson"There were more than 30,000 firearm-related deaths in the US last year. And another seventy thousand shootings that did not result in death, which is a compliment not to our culture but to the emergency medical community.

"With numbers of this magnitude, we have some important questions to ask and big decisions to make. As a country, we should be very clear whether we want to continue down this path. It speaks to how we wish to live together as a people. This is our choice as a society, and we need the clearest illumination of the problem and some real solutions if we can have any chance of controlling where we are going."

- Chris Johnson

Read an article in Time Magazine about Cure Violence entitled "How to Reduce Crime: Treat It Like an Infectious Disease" written by Dr. Gary Slutkin, the founder and executive director of Cure Violence.
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