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delivering content Regardless of the media format, even in our increasingly digital world, the need still exists to verbalize your message – to tell your story – as effectively as possible to a wide audience. Especially in today’s evolving communication environment, with social media and online communities, the need for powerful language has never been greater.

public speakingAt The Linley Company, we have been crafting marketing communication for decades in all formats. We can help you clarify your message and guide you in selecting the best communication medium to reach your target audience. Some categories we specialize in include;

  • Public Speaking - our partners have a long history of sales management and speaking in public forums, delivering inspiring talks on any variety of subjects. We can assist in the preparation of your next speech.
  • Sustainability Reports are increasingly essential to define your achievements and your goals as a good corporate citizen, not just to increase the value of your company and to attract investment, but to obtain quality employees and to garner support in the communities you operate in. It’s not enough to simply follow the GRI checklist, but one must find the graphic and verbal approach to produce a report that makes your story sing assuring your company will stand out as a sustainability leader in this new century.
  • Value Propositions and other fund raising tools to approach corporate funders – we can help you identify your best prospects for funding and help you craft your message for the greatest chance of success.
  • Social Media, including blogs, twitter and email marketing (repeatedly winning the Constant Contact All Star Award for consistently high open rates and click through rates, and low bounce rates - only 10% of their customers achieve All Star status every year, even less do it several years in a row).

Do you have a communications strategy? Or are you so busy doing what you do, that you don't have the time to tell people how good you are? Let us help. Contact us for a free consultation. Let's discuss how you can get your great story better known.

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