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Some of the ways we help our clients;

The Boys
  • help companies develop a Sustainability Strategy, setting targets for a multi-year horizon, and establishing metrics (performance indicators) to measure their achievement
  • to better define their sales & marketing strategy
  • helping them to listen to their customers in new ways (ie new media).
  • evaluate and select best channels for their product or service.
  • provide Best Practices guidance to assure exceptional corporate results, including expanded earnings by rationalizing sku count, developing powerful digital media strategy and nurturing key account relationships.
  • uncover underutilized business opportunities.

Recent projects include;

  • Advised major regional government agency on management of newly developed facility to maintain integrity of this landmark monumental architecture.
  • Collaborated with another consultancy in the preparation and writing of two Sustainability Reports, each for chemical companies.
  • Providing a company in receivership with a new strategic direction as well as operational plan, to assure a successful emergence from bankruptcy and turnaround. We are also assisting in finding new capital to grow the business by identifying future investors who are a good fit for both this new strategy and new operational scale.
  • Manage a team of packaging engineers to successfully transform essential new packaging lines to allow a company to enter new business ventures.
  • Assist a non-profit industry association in finding other appropriate NGO partners that match their objectives and scale, to leverage joint resources to increase their impact.
  • Assisting a contractor in New York City to expand from his current residential work, still slowed by the housing crisis, to branch out into a new business segment of commercial work in apartments and offices, which is a growing market. We are assisting our client in outlining marketing strategies to pursue this new business as well as identifying staffing and equipment requirements needed to meet the challenges this new business segment will bring.
  • Led advertising initiative to move away from in-house agency to external profession agency that then brought expertise to a new highly integrated magazine, TV and radio campaign.
  • Assist a century old non-profit in coming up to ‘best practices’ in their fiduciary management of endowment including writing an Investment Policy Statement and interviewing candidate investment managers for oversight of funds, ultimate recommending one which has worked out successfully. Additionally, we provided a general upgrade of their marketing through the use of new media strategies for membership communication and fund raising.
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