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New Idea

Our principals bring real skills and experience to the five critical disciplines of successful new product development

  1. Strategy. Focus your energies and investment on categories and projects that offer the greatest potential. Can you identify those areas and raise your chance of success? We can and do.
  2. Execution. From setting goals and expectations to achieving on-time launch, your ability to execute as a team will dictate final success. Cross functional teams can achieve remarkable success when properly chartered and led. Stage and Gate and workflow management can accelerate your time to market and organize complex projects.
  3. Control of the creative process. Graphics, design, theory, color are essential ingredients in success but how do you figure out whose right? How do you choose resource partners and follow critical timelines? We know how to.
  4. Cost and price management. Costed BOMs and price models that allow for support spending are critical.
  5. Focus on your consumers and not just your customers. Bring solutions to their problems. Find partners in The Linley Company who have the experience to assure success.

Do you have a new product to launch? Or just the need to improve your new product generation process? Let us help. Contact us for a free consultation.

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