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Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

Our Principal, Chris Johnson, has extensive non-profit experience having spent years as Warden and a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. Often called the world's largest Cathedral, it has an 8 figure annual budget encompassing a 130,000sf monumental church, a K-8 school, plus seven other buildings on an 11 acre campus. The issues facing the Cathedral match in scale to any non-profit with physical assets. As a member of the parent Board of Trustees, Chris participated in two major initiatives;

  • the land use initiative to lease two underutilized sites on campus in order to generate a long term revenue stream sustaining the Cathedral and its programs. This involved hosting many community meetings and giving testimony before the New York City Counsil regarding landmarking matters.
  • the restoration of the Cathedral after a major fire, which resulted in both a $40 million dollar post fire clean up, and almost $20 million in necessary repairs to the buildings and grounds and other initiatives that would make this campus and world-renowned institution more welcoming.

Chris is currently President of The Laymen's Club of the Cathedral, a group a lay persons from around the country who, for more than a century, have raised money to financially support the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and its programs. As Chief Officer of this Affiliated Religious Corporation along with its Investment Committee, Chris oversees the management of the club's Capital Fund which supports various capital projects around the Cathedral's property. Chris has assisted this century old non-profit in coming up to ‘best practices’ in their fiduciary management of its endowment including authoring an Investment Policy Statement and interviewing candidate investment managers for oversight of funds, ultimate recommending one which has worked out successfully. In keeping with the values of this faith based organization, the Investment Policy Statement clarifies the requirement to pursue Socially Reponsible Investment strategies.

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